Completed Carport

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Push Energy are proud to announce that our striking designed, 430kWp carport project has now been completed with performance data now available for the client to physically quantify their cost and carbon foot print reduction.

The project has been completed to time, budget and quality that rivals any carport installation in UK, with accurate design and contentious installation we have produced a system that meets contractual PR and aesthetically hides almost all solar components with staff stating ‘ We thought it was just a carport’ – Job done!

Phase two of the project is a 1.2MW Ground mount system located on the clients real estate. Materials have arrived prior to Xmas break with preliminary installation of tree protection fencing, perimeter fence and eco system regeneration to meet our habitat requirements from the local council.

We anticipate the completion of the Ground mount in Q1 to further support the client’s 100% renewable energy consumption aspirations.

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