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Thanks to the Push Energy team for such positive contributions and engagement last week in our periodic Health Safety Security and Environment meeting.  Due to COVID19 we decided to hold the meeting outdoors at the excellent facilities kindly provided by Gavin Bays.

There were some great insights in the meeting not least when we assessed our current weaknesses.  It is too easy to convince yourselves that ‘all is well’ and we are on top of everything.  The discussion around managing timelines so that we do not compress activities due to external pressure was really useful and reinforces the need to work methodically and not over promise to the detriment of Team stress levels, accuracy and ultimately safety.

We introduced a great new initiative which we shall be rolling out shortly in the form of our Push Energy Six Safety Spotlights, or SSS if it proves to be a bit of a tongue twister.  The concept is that by having identified what we consider to the six activities we frequently carry out which also carry high potential risk, we will better focus our attention and the attention of those we work with.  If we are doing a ‘spotlight’ activity we know we need to put some mitigation in place, be that following a procedure or carrying out some specific checks.  Our Six Safety Spotlights are:


Electrical isolation


Lifting operations

Working at height

Workforce health management (COVID19)

The post meeting BBQ was a great idea with special thanks to Anita for some excellent salads and to Reece for buying top quality meat and not least some cool drinks.  Special thanks to the guest Chef for the day, our MD Drum.


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