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Six Safety Spotlights

The combination of safety focus and quality focus supports everything we do and how we operate.

To that end we want our Team and everyone working with us to share our safety focus. To help this we have assessed our operational activities and identified six activities which we conduct on a regular basis and have potential for serious harm if not approached in a professional manner. By identifying and highlighting these activities we intend that all team members will have a higher level of awareness of potentially hazardous activities and what control measures should be in place before those activities are started.

  • Spotlight 1: Driving

    All driving should conform the Push Energy Driving Safety Guidance. It is a simple one page aide memoir of “Dos” and “Donts” for safe driving.

  • Spotlight 2: Electrical Isolation

    Electrical isolation is a frequent activity on our sites but focus must never be lost on the potentially lethal consequences of not carrying our isolation procedures correctly.

    Central to safe isolation if locking switches and tagging them or “lock out tag out”.

  • Spotlight 3: Excavation

    Excavations create numerous hazards such as but not limited to: falls from height, potential suffocation, drowning, public safety concerns, damage to utilities and foundations. All excavations should be carefully planned and risk assessed and authorised only by permit.

  • Spotlight 4: Lifting operations

    We routinely lift multiple loads onto roof tops in populated areas.

    Whilst all lifts are carefully planned and controlled the activity is never free of risks. Lifting should only be conducted once a lift plan has been approved, the competence of relevant personnel has been assessed, equipment checks have been completed to the correct standards and authorized only by permit.

    Manual handling is a particularly prevalent activity on all PV systems. Modules are awkward to lift and if not lifted with care it is easy to cause injury.

  • Spotlight 5: Working at Heights

    This is a regular but non routine activity for Push Energy.

    It is vital that familiarity with working at height does not dilute our standards. It is important to remember how small a fall can have serious safety consequences and we should consider the safe use of a step up in the same way we consider the edge protection of a 20m high roof.

    They key components of working safely at height are: detailed RAMS, correct and in date training, correct and serviceable equipment.

  • Spotlight 6: Workforce Health Management

    We expect that operating within some kind of COVID19 restrictions will be required for a considerable time.

    With this in mind we have drafted a Push Energy COVID19 Site Management Plan. This shall be published at all operational sites and should be referred to along with the latest edition of the Construction Leadership Council Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).

Health & Safety Policy

Push Energy Health & Safety Policy document is the lynch pin that connects all our Health and Safety systems including the six safety spotlights.

At Push Energy we recognise the responsibility that we all have to keep ourselves, clients, contractors and general public safe at all times with no exemption of standards throughout the