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Andy Khan

Construction Director

Andy, a fully qualified time-served electrician, has been with the Push group for 8 years and now leads Push’s construction activities across all renewable sectors. He works with design, from concept stage, all the way to maintenance and every part in between to ensure projects are delivered to a high quality and meet environmental and financial goals for all of our stakeholders. Andy has been in the electrical industry for 20 years, specialising in solar for the last 10 of those, beginning his career running his own business before focusing on renewable energy projects in 2012.

He began with delivering large commercial and industrial electrical installations, including working in National Grid 400kV super grid substations and extension and alteration work at Sizewell. Andy is also running the installation teams within Push, delivering quality projects internally to the market. His drive is to use his experience and knowledge to improve the way that systems are installed to increase their longevity and increase efficiencies, predominately within rooftop and ground mount installations.

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