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Battery Storage

As the UK energy market moves to a decentralised, low carbon model, the importance of battery storage has grown significantly.

While many organisations are interested in adopting storage technologies, the revenue streams and long paybacks make it difficult to justify the upfront capital and meet payback thresholds.

Push Energy specialise in battery storage solutions for businesses, giving you increased levels of control over your energy consumption and the ability to safeguard against volatile energy costs. Our dedicated development and delivery teams create tailored turnkey solutions, which allow you to buy power when it is cheapest, store it, and discharge during the peak usage times. In partnership with Macquarie, our fully funded systems, will allow you to see immediate savings to your energy bill at no cost to you, also removing any regulatory and technology risk.

How it works

Push will design, install, finance and operate the battery system, enabling your business to benefit from immediate bill savings with no capital investment required. The battery system would be connected to the site’s low voltage supply and located in a convenient place outside the building.

By shifting imported electricity from the periods of high electricity and network costs to the cheapest periods, we create substantial savings for the network and for your business. These savings would increase significantly during the winter months when TRIAD charges would be avoided. As well as cost savings, the battery system also offers UPS like capabilities, allowing it to support the site ‘off-grid’ in the event of a grid failure.

The battery system is sized to meet the site’s base load, charging during the cheapest periods and discharges during the most expensive hours of the day. During this time, the site would run ‘off-grid’, taking power from the battery system. The savings would be calculated independently and shared giving you immediate bill savings.

By installing batteries, you are also contributing to increasing the resilience of the nation’s energy infrastructure. As we move to a more decentralised and variable energy mix, the storage system would deliver services outside of the peak hours, such as Frequency Response, which are used to pay for the capital costs.

The Push team offer a full turnkey solution, providing everything you need to start saving.

  • Our experienced team will analyse your energy data, providing a tailored battery solution to your site requirements.
  • Macquarie agrees on the PPA rate and fully funds the battery system.
  • Our power experts will design, install, and deliver a turnkey solution customized for your organisation’s needs. We will also perform all necessary maintenance as well as 24/7 remote monitoring to keep things running smoothly.

Typical Electricity Bill Profile

Commercial electricity prices are complex, with each kWh made up of several component parts including wholesale power prices, taxes and subsidies and grid balancing charges.

While taxes, subsidies and commodity costs remain relatively consistent through the day, the grid balancing charges vary enormously, depending on the time of day. During the early evening when people get home from work, National Grid needs to use all available capacity to cope with the increase in demand. The energy suppliers pass on these increased costs called Distribution Use of System charges (DUoS), which peak significantly between approximately 4 and 7 pm. The adjacent chart shows how total electricity prices vary.

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